Employee Engagement Workshops

Participants in Don Rheem’s leadership workshops all say the same thing: they’ve never had a training experience like this before. Explore the nine acclaimed workshops he and his team at E3 Solutions offer managers to transform their team dynamics.

Employee Engagement Bootcamp for Managers

A highly-rated, full-day dive into immediately actionable tactics managers can employ to increase staff engagement using a deeper, science-based, understanding of employee performance dynamics. This is the E3’s cornerstone workshop for creating a thriving company culture.

Positive Leadership Workshop

Learn how a positive bias towards staff members supports employee well-being, improves business outcomes and helps your organization thrive. This workshop will help you develop more positive communication and personal inter-connections among team members.

Recognition and Feedback Workshop

Managers who consistently provide positive, detailed and substantive recognition and feedback to their team members typically support higher levels of employee engagement. This half-day workshop reviews the science supporting more effective techniques for providing feedback and recognition.

Accountability Workshop

Accountability is a key pillar of every high-performance culture. This session guides leaders through the process of holding employees accountable without a negative sting or punitive demeanor.

Culture Change Workshop

This session is the culmination of the Boot Camp, Positive Leadership, Recognition & Feedback, and Communication Skills workshops. Touching on each one of these leadership skills and incorporating role play exercises cracks open the door to meaningful conversations and thoughtful feedback with your team.

Effective Communication Workshop

This half-day workshop equips participants to provide more effective communication and opportunities to communicate among and between teams. As one of our original workshops, we have provided this session to a wide range of clients ranging from the NIH, the SEC, and Fortune 100 company clients.

Leading Effective Meetings

This workshop offers a wide range of techniques and practical advice on how to run more effective meetings. The net result is fewer meetings of shorter duration where more work is accomplished.

Extraordinary Workplace Summit

This full day experience provides employees the opportunity to express their vision for an ideal workplace culture and then outline the steps needed to effect that change. The Extraordinary Workplace Summit is a great complement to the Employee Engagement Bootcamp for Managers.

Finding Meaning & Purpose

Identify the meaning and purpose your employees find in their work. Incorporate these value-based motivators and intrinsic drivers of engagement into your leadership strategy to dramatically increase your employees’ discretionary effort.

“Don Rheem was one of the best presenters any of us had ever encountered. I began to see positive changes within a short time as we started implementing E3 Solutions’ best practices. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and several colleagues expressed a desire to bring him in to work with their organizations.”

– Elizabeth Donoghue, FLAIRS

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The Manager Resource Center Online Platform

The Manager Resource Center (MRC) is a subscription service providing managers with surround support on a variety of leadership topics through empirically validated articles, videos, and practical tools.

MRC makes it possible for busy managers to uphold their commitment to Employee Engagement while still meeting the other demands of their job. This is achieved through a strategic design: All content in the platform is concise and easy to digest, with “quick-win” style action items that allow managers to put theory into practice.

Managers and HR leaders rave about the powerful impact MRC has on their teams. The easy to navigate, rich content guides managers along their journey to develop healthy, thriving teams.