Understanding Engagement

Our most compelling need is for connection. Several decades of clinical evidence and research – Dr. John Bowlby’s attachment theory and Dr. James Coan’s recent discoveries in neuroscience – converge to create a clear picture of a species biologically driven to work together, share the load and leverage safe and secure connections for mutual benefit. Neuroscientist Dr. Coan’s social baseline theory points out how those who socialized in clans, groups and tribes had significantly higher rates of survival and how that reality has shaped the brain’s hard wiring. The workplace is the primary tribe of the 21st century and E3 Solutions helps clients create organizational cultures where employees thrive by design.

This is precisely why it is vital for organizational leaders to create and sustain workplace cultures that support and encourage employee engagement. This isn’t about tactics to make employees happy (the focus of many engagement programs), it is, rather, about creating alignment of the workplace to the hardwired expectations and needs of the brain that allows individuals to perform at their best, full capacity.