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Born into the Rheem Manufacturing family, Don Rheem learned early on that the days of a hierarchical approach to management had come and gone. With millennials flooding the workplace and bringing their unique perspectives with them, Don recognized that businesses needed a new leadership paradigm.

Think about it – as human beings, our most compelling need is for connection. As a species, we have evolved to prosper in clans and tribes; in the 21st century, the workplace is the contemporary tribe. This is why it is so critical today that leaders create the conditions where employees feel safe and can form trusting relationships with managers and peers. Don helps business leaders focus on the systems, processes, and environments that match these prosocial conditions. The results? A significant increase in employees’ mental capacity, job performance, and intrinsic drive to give more to their organization – all of which directly impact your bottom line.

His TEDx talk, presented in Provo, Utah, in 2018, reveals the secrets to making employees look forward to showing up on Monday and stay in the company year after year. To learn it for yourself, click here.

How can work save our relationships? | Don Rheem | TEDxBYU

“Great presenter and relevant information. Especially the difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement. And how important employee engagement is to the ultimate success of the organization.”

– CEO, Vistage member

“Simply fantastic. Excellent content, delivery, science, anecdotes, and passion. All on a super-important topic. You will enjoy this one.”

– CEO, Vistage member

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A Published Author

At the prodding of customers and participants in his leadership workshops, Don has put his ideas in print for all businesses to benefit. Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance Cultures lays out the neurological underpinnings of human behavior that distinguish Don and his company, E3 Solutions, from conventional leadership consulting that is typically tactical, cognitive and unsupported by empirically-validated science.

With his book, readers learn how to create a workplace that people look forward to being part of, and that stimulates employees to provide the “discretionary effort” that creates truly extraordinary workplace cultures.

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Experience & Accomplishments

Don Rheem has provided counseling on strategic communication techniques and trained thousands of CEOs, senior executives, royalty and 30 members of the U.S. Senate in how to more effectively connect with and engage target audiences. A former science advisor to Congress and the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Don and his team at E3 Solutions have smashed conventions in the leadership field by using behavioral science-based approaches to create higher levels of employee engagement in the workplace. Few players in the employee engagement space understand why the leadership tactics work at a neurological level. No one else has a similar suite of science-based tools organizational leaders can put to immediate use.

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