Don & E3 Solutions

Don leads the team at E3 Solutions, which helps business leaders create the workplace culture that drives employee engagement and results in a better bottom line.

E3 Solutions operates on the theory that most of us are hardwired to go to the workplace because we’re herd animals. We focus on the systems, processes, and environments that encourage engagement, because while the brain expects a certain environment when it gets to the workplace, the conditions that exist inside that culture are rarely aligned with the brain’s expectation.

E3 helps companies understand the conditions in which the brain will “thrive by design.” These are predictable and consistent conditions created in the workplace to encourage people to behave predictably and consistently.

E3 fosters employee engagement within an organization through a proprietary formula. Its three foundational elements for effectively moving an organization toward higher levels of performance and engagement are: envision, empower, engage. With over 60 years of combined experience, E3 Solutions brings companies and leaders “been there, done that” expertise to help with the challenge of employee engagement.

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