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Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience that Drives High-Performance Cultures

What if your team looked forward to Mondays instead of Fridays? It may sound silly, but this type of workplace culture is possible and in place in many organizations today.

In his brand new book Thrive By Design, published with ForbesBooks, Don Rheem offers managers and senior leaders deep insights into what drives employee performance from a brain-based perspective. Going well beyond the recycled, superficial tactics in most leadership books, Thrive By Design introduces you to the triggers of exemplary workplace behavior at a neurological level. Tapping into these triggers leads to increased productivity, well-being, accountability, and retention. As you apply the practical approaches and tools outlined in this book, you will see less absenteeism, corrosive gossip, employee drama, accidents, and quality shortfalls.

This book is for leaders who are tired of fighting against a disengaged culture; HR professionals who spend more time reacting to workplace drama than fulfilling their mission and purpose in the organization; and for employees who have been crippled by toxic leaders and uninspired cultures and want to know there’s a better way.

Regardless of industry or company size, the clear foundation and steps outlined in Thrive By Design can transform your organization.

“I spent tens of thousands on my MBA degree. Don’s information taught me more about managing people than all my classes combined.”

– CEO, Vistage member

“Scary smart. Exceptionally knowledgeable, yet disarmingly approachable. Excellent topic with real-world applications.”

– CEO, Vistage member

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