Are you nurturing a high-performance culture?

Highly engaged employees are highly productive employees. No other investment delivers sustainable profitability, cost savings, workplace passion, and productivity like effectively engaging your employees. Nevertheless, research has shown that a quarter of all HR-related expenditures are wasted, and 70% of well-intended productivity initiatives fail.

How can this be? The truth is, many senior leaders fail to identify the root cause of their company’s engagement problem and they consistently overestimate their own employees’ engagement.

So, what actually motivates people and keeps them engaged? Today, we know that efficient processes, an elegant organization structure, generous pay scales and the like are not enough to build a high-performance culture. Insights from the fields of neuroscience and the behavioral sciences show us the conditions that optimize human performance. When companies establish these conditions in the workplace employees can literally “thrive by design.”

As an organization leader or manager, it is up to you to create this predictable, consistent environment where employees will perform their best, and actually look forward to doing so. Fortunately, we have the science-based, empirically-validated solutions to help you improve workplace engagement.

But first, take a moment to assess your current workplace culture. Do you struggle with turnover, low productivity, recruitment, or low morale? What are you as a business leader doing to make sure your employees stay engaged? These are questions that—for better or worse—could be affecting your bottom line.

Take this short quiz to find out if you are taking the necessary steps to nurture a high-performance culture.

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